Moss, eye-catcher in your interior

Moss is a wonderful natural product for use in any interior. Its a 100% natural, it creates a feeling of well being, it can be applied anywhere (also in places where there is no daylight), it’s maintenance free and moss is a real eye-catcher. There are many possibilities for moss in your interior, such as moss panels, moss paintings and mobile moss walls. With moss there are a lot of special applications possible as an eye-catcher in your home or business. Let yourself be surprised by the many possibilities of and with moss.

Moss in your company or home:

  • 100 % natural
  • Eyecatcher
  • Atmospheric sense
  • Sense of well-being
  • High acoustic muting
  • Slows down fire
  • Sustainable
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Many possibilities
  • No daylight needed
  • Dirt repellent

Custers in Green

logo-custersingroenpassion and creativity in green is part of Custers In Green. The face of Custers In Green is John Custers. John grew up surrounded by plants, with a (breeder) plant grower as a father and a mother with a flower shop at home. It was no surprise that John chose for various courses in the green sector, including the master training floral art. The business grew into a large Garden Centre in Weert under the label of Europe garden. After selling the Garden Centre, John has specialized in project planting, Interior Landscaping, special plant & pot combinations and special green creations like moss walls , creations like moss paintings and mobile moss panels.

Meaning of green for people

psychological and practical value of green

John has specialised himself the last decade on the combination of ‘ people and plants ‘. Plants have an important spirtual value for people: they connect us with nature. Of course greenery relaxes us literally, it brings a sense of well-being. Apart from the spiritual benefits of plants there is also a huge practical value: they absorb harmful substances and release oxygen. Plants and moss are an excellent combination. Moss has, like plants, a healing effect. To live and work in a room with plants is not only pleasant to the eye, but also increases our sense of well-being. And, in the case of Moss: it contributes to good acoustics.

The Moss

Scandinavian Lichen Sustainable grown in nature reserve

IJslandsmos detailThe moss that Custers in Green used for all Moss panels, moss paintings ,moss walls and other moss creations ‘ Cetraria islandica Lichen islandicus ‘. This bushy Lichen Moss grows in Scandinavia, in a nature reserve of over 3200 km2. The moss is harvested under State supervision. There is no damage to nature, or left traces in nature. Also for further processing there are no harmful resources used. The used moss grows about 5 mm every year. The moss that is used on the walls, panels and other creations, is approximately 30 to 50 mm high and has an age of at least 5 years.

Adaptation of the moss

Prepared Moss
After harvesting the moss is modified with Glycerine, making it permanently soft, elastic, dirt-resistant and fire retardant. At a very low humidity (below 30%) the moss can dry out a little bit which reduces the elastic effect and makes it more vulnerable. Once the humidity rises again, the elasticity is restored.

Available in various colours

Green pigments and special colours

The colour of the moss is ‘ natural ‘. The moss is also available in several green tones: moss green, spring green and old spring are the basic colours .


Other colours are also available on request. Take a look at the various colour possibilities of the moss link to colour overview. The MOSS is coloured with non toxic permanent pigments.

A moss panel

moss wall or moss painting in your home or company

A moss panel is the basis for many application possibilities. That is how a moss painting can be made. By putting multiple panels against each other you can create a moss wall. A moss wall, moss painting or moss panel, is a beautiful, easy-care and natural eye-catcher in every Interior. A moss wall does not need daylight and barely takes any space: you can also use a moss panel or moss painting so good in places where plants can’t be placed because of lack of sunlight. Because moss does not need sunlight.

A moss panel or moss painting for every individual.

Wide range of sizes, finishes and colours

Moospaneele und Moosbilder sind in vielen Dimensionen möglich. Möchten Sie mit einem kleinen Moosbild von 50 x 50 cm in Ihrem Haus einen grünen Akzent setzen? Oder schmücken sie die Wände A moss panel or moss painting is available in many ranges, sizes, finishes and colours. If you opt for a small moss painting of 50 x 50 cm. as a special green accent in your home? Or you could have the walls of your office covered with Moss panels for example, 1000 x 300 cm? It is even possible to have a column completely covered in moss, or even a ceiling. If desired, We can complete your moss panel or moss wall with liana’s a real ‘ jungle atmosphere ‘. Usually , the moss panels are delivered on flat plates, but curved or wavy moss creations are also among the options.(detail image roundness). The edges of moss paintings or moss panels can be finished with moss or with a frame. We use wooden frames usually (made out of FSC-approved wood). In consultation there are other edge finishes possible. For example other colours or of another material such as aluminum. The moss is available in 4 colours: ‘ natural ‘, the natural colour Moss Green, Spring Green and OldSpring. Various other colours are also possible in consultation. Check out the possibilities on the colour overview.
For every wish there is an ideal moss panel, moss wall or moss painting available for you!

Moss wall on ecoboard

Cradle to Cradle

We value the Cradle to Cradle philosophy. Cradle to Cradle is based on the idea that all the materials that already have been used are useful for the making of another product or the materials are useful for using in another product.. We apply this principle to the moss walls. It’s standard that our Moss walls are made on an ecoboard. Ecoboard is a sustainable, eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable sheet material. It is used for the moss walls ecoboard, is made of agricultural surpluses and was also used for the construction of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. Link:

Mobile moss wall as a natural eyecatcher

Moss wall in an office, showroom or restaurant
A mobile moss wall forms a natural eye catcher in your Office, showroom, restaurant or in any desired location. They are compact and they take up very little space. In addition a (mobile) moss wall has a high functional value. You can use a mobile moss wall as a room divider in a office garden or as natural dividing wall in a restaurant. There are countless possibilities for mobile moss walls and other moss creations. Moss walls are not only decorative and functional, they also provide a pleasant atmosphere, a feeling of well-being and because of their high absorbency they provide good acoustics for a space.


The frame of the mobile moss wall is made of anodized aluminium; the feet are of sturdy galvanized steel. The moss walls are available with or without swivel castors. The standard size of the mobile moss walls is 180 x 180 cm. Other dimensions or other (RAL) colours for the frame are also possible only on request. The 2 sides of the mobile moss walls are provided with moss. You can also choose from various shades of green, or from several particular colours on request.


Many opportunities in moss creations

Moss logo, moss name, moss letter, moss number

The possibilities in Moss creations are countless. For example, if you want to put your logo in the Moss, or if you want your logo made of moss, signs made of moss, or other forms implemented in moss…? Do you choose for a moss creation in one of the available shades of green? Or do you choose for a striking different colour? Custers in Green would like to make a moss creation that surpasses your expecations!


Supplying and installing Moss in professional hands

When you purchase moss panels, moss paintings or moss walls, we advise you to to let us do the delivery and the installation of the moss creations. Moss is a fragile product if you transport modify and install it. During transport and during the installation pieces of moss will get damaged or pieces of moss will let go . When you choose our specialist to deliver and install the moss creation(s) , then you will be assured that the moss will be installed in a neat, damage free and professional way. After the mounting damage and loose pieces of moss are restored, the small damage will not be visible anymore. We only leave once you are completely satisfied. And we fulfilled your wishes


Maintenance of moss

Moss has many years of life expectancy
A moss wall, moss panel, moss painting or other moss creation of us is basically maintenance-free and has a life expectancy of many years. You will, therefore, certainly get to enjoy your mosscreation for a very long time. Moss has a high feel-good factor and is thereby hug sensitive. However, this can cause damage in the course of time the moss can start to loosen up. You can repair this damage yourself or you can also use a service agreement. You can always contact us if something is wrong.

Want to know more?

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